Who does Hudson Furniture sell to?

Hudson Furniture Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer and importer. We generally sell to the trades only - retail stores and interior designers.

Does Hudson Furniture sell direct?

Hudson Furniture does not sell direct unless we receive an inquiry from an individual who doesn't live in an area served by a Hudson Furniture retail partner. A list of our partner retailers is available on the website. If you live in an area not served by a Hudson retailer, contact us for further information. You may qualify to purchase directly from us, however keep in mind you must take full responsibility for delivery of your order from our facility to its ultimate destination.

How does my store qualify for wholesale pricing?

First, your store will be required to complete a Retail Partner Application which you can find on the website. Upon review of your profile, terms and pricing will be established. Minimum stocking levels may be required.

How does my interior design firm qualify for designer pricing?

We do offer special pricing to certified interior designers. Please contact us for further information.

What is the average delivery time?

Delivery time for the Hudson Furniture "Made in Canada" Signature Collection is 8-10 weeks. This can vary and is dependent on the amount of customization your order required.

Can Hudson Furniture do custom finishing?

Yes. We can accommodate custom finishes. Please contact us to provide the details of your customization request and we will in turn provide you with a price.

Can Hudson Furniture build custom furniture?

Yes. We will customize our existing furniture line and we will often accommodate custom furniture designs. Any customization to the existing product line must be discussed with us to ensure that the quality of the product will not be compromised by the changes.

Are there catalogues available?

Yes. Hudson Furniture offers a complete product catalogue, ideal for your showroom. We send a catalogue to each Retail Partner with each opening order. In addition our website is designed to provide high quality imagery and complete information on our extensive products. The website will also carry special offers and information on new products as we launch them.

Are there colour and hardware samples available?

Yes. A sample of each finish color and a board of hardware options is sent with the printed catalogue. Colour options, fabric options (for our Westview bed) and hardware options are also available on the website.