Care Guide

Wood Characteristics

We select only premium materials to be crafted into Hudson Furniture. Inherent characteristics of wood, such as mineral streaks, colour and grain variation, pin knots, pitch pockets, and other markings, add to the natural beauty of our wood furniture pieces. Because no two trees are exactly alike, each piece of furniture will have its own unique character which shines through our carefully applied finishes.

Dusting & Cleaning Lacquer Furniture

Lacquer is a hard and glossy furniture finish but is also brittle, so it may be dented or chipped. Avoid hard blows. To keep your furniture looking its best, simply dust with a soft, dry cloth. Some finishes can be wiped with a damp (not wet) cloth, followed by rubbing with a dry cloth. Never use oiled or treated cloths on lacquered finishes.

Keeping It Level

Our furniture is constructed to sit in a level position; all doors and drawers are evenly aligned when the furniture leaves the factory. However, most homes have variations in floor level caused by age, type of construction, carpeting, etc., that may result in misalignment of your furniture.

When needed, our delivery personnel will adjust the levelers to align your wood furniture to compensate for particular conditions in your home.

Over time, you may find it necessary to adjust the levelers again if doors or drawers become uneven. This happens as your furniture settles into the carpeting, or when you place heavy objects, such as televisions or computer equipment, in or on your furniture. Moving your furniture will often require leveling adjustments.

Shrinking & Expanding

The wood in furniture continues to exchange moisture with the air as it responds to climatic changes in your home. Like your skin, wood is porous. It responds to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit. For example, the halves of an extension table may part slightly, especially at the edges of the table. This will correct itself as the relative humidity rises and the wood absorbs enough moisture to expand slightly. These natural changes, however, do not affect the furniture's quality or sturdiness.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Do not expose furniture to continuous direct sunlight. With extended exposure, ultraviolet rays can create hairline cracks in the finish or causing fading or darkening. We recommend arranging furniture away from direct sunlight and using window treatments to block the sun's rays.